Monitoring Co-operative Performance

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On completing this course you will understand:
• the importance of Directors and managers of co-operatives making sure they consider the values and principles when monitoring their performance
• the importance of looking at the financial side of the business to check that a co¬ operative is making enough money to carry on
• also the importance of looking at other indicators of success, not just the financial
• that as co-operatives operate a little differently from other businesses it is especially useful to see how you are doing in relation to other co-operatives
• the importance of keeping members informed of findings
• the importance of being able to respond to what has been learned
• the many benefits to monitoring performance
• why co-operatives must go through a thorough process of planning, measuring and reporting
• the different ways that co-operatives around the world monitor co-operative performance
• how the process of monitoring performance will differ depending on the ownership model and size of the co-operative
• the indicators through which co operatives can measure their financial bottom line
• the non-financial indicators co-operatives can use to measure performance
• the sustainability indicators co-operatives can use to measure performance
• why it is important that performance indicators are relevant to the business and easy to measure, as well as being clear to everybody in the co operative
• why any indicator for co operative performance should always be ‘SMART’

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Core Sector Retail, Funeral
Sub-sector Grocery, Sport
Skill Type/Topic Communication, Teamwork
Author Coop College

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