Managing People: Episode 5 - Coaching and Performance Management

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You get the best results from your people when you’re seen as a positive leader who is easy to talk to. Our 60 minute coaching and performance management course supports managers to do just this.

What are the benefits and outcomes?

  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations and address underperforming employees.
  • Establish a method and plan to build and maintain a strong team.
  • Identifies opportunities for people to progress and how to give individuals the motivation to do so.
  • Explains how to understand the best ways to motivate, coach, feedback and monitor within the workplace.
  • An interactive series using video based scenarios to understand best practises.

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This course will take around 60 minutes

This episode details how to effectively manage and motivate your team to achieve their best performance 

  • You get the best results from your people when you’re seen as a positive leader who is easy to talk to.
  • This episode looks at how regular, consistent assessments of the morale, skills and behaviour of the staff are vital to improving business results. Learn to successfully communicate your leadership to keep your people, and their performances, on track. Find out how to effectively manage performance issues and confidently handle difficult conversations.
  • Story: Charlotte needs to make sure she’s getting the best performance from her team. Chef Tom is being rude to other members of the team and Charlotte needs to address this before it gets out of hand. His performance is also not up to the required standard. She plans to discuss and agree on a Performance Improvement Plan with him. Tom is difficult to communicate with, and has complained to other team members that he feels picked on – so this is not going to be easy.
  • Meanwhile, Charlotte has observed Oscar, who is being developed for a Team Leader role, having a crisis of confidence. She needs to intervene before this starts to impact his well-being and performance. She makes time for a coaching conversation that helps Oscar to look at things from a new perspective.

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