Fire Safety Essentials

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This course will take around 30 minutes

Nobody wants the stress of being involved in a fire, do they? So, it's important you know all about fire, its prevention, detection and what to do if a fire does break out. This course covers the essential and practical skills of fire safety. 

You will learn:

  • about fire evacuation procedures, so you know how to keep safe when leaving a building
  • what to do if your clothes catch fire
  • what fire fighting equipment is available and how, as a last resort, do you use it
  • what causes fires to start, so you can help prevent them
  • how to recognise and manage fatigue in yourself and others
  • how to understand and act upon well-being issues
  • influencing and negotiation skills to create a safety culture

After completing this course you will have gained 0.50 CPD points

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Core Sector Hospitality, Retail, Business, Warehousing, Distribution, Charity
Sub-sector Restaurant, Hotel, Quick Service Restaurant, Pub/bar, Catering, Events, Entertainment
Business Outcomes Wellbeing, Compliance
Skill Type/Topic Health and Safety, Fire Safety, First Aid
Job Type Kitchen, Food and Beverage, Customer Assistant, Sales Assistant, Maintenance, Housekeeper, Front of House
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