Managing Health and Safety

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A five-module course designed to equip managers with the knowledge they need to manage several of the fundamentals of health and safety in the business effectively.

  • Module 1 - a manager's guide to the ins and outs of health and safety law and their responsibilities under it.
  • Module 2 - the essential things managers need to know about health and safety procedures in the business and how to coach their teams to follow them.
  • Module 3 - everything a manager needs to know about risk assessments - how to do them, what to look for and why they are an important part of the daily management role.
  • Module 4 - a manager's guide to accidents and RIDDOR and their responsibilities regarding investigation and reports, including the importance of the COSHH assessments and controls to prevent accidents.
  • Module 5 - a guide to fire management - vital checks and maintenance to prevent fire and how to handle a fire officer visit.

We recommend this course is combined with the following to help you comply with health and safety regulations:

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