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This course will take around 30 minutes

Do you know the effect alcohol has? You might have experienced being a bit ‘merry’ but it’s more serious than that. Society can suffer from alcohol abuse, with things such as an increase in crime, poor health and damaged relationships. You have a part to play in helping reduce this. Understanding the licensing laws and building on your Challenge 21 knowledge is the start. 

You will learn:

  • the impact of alcohol abuse on individuals and those around them
  • the laws on licensing and what they aim to achieve
  • about the different types of licence and the requirements of each
  • staff and customer offences and the authorities who enforce the law
  • what alcohol is, what a unit is, the safe drinking guidelines and how strong common types of drink are
  • the effects on health and society
  • your responsibility for deciding who to serve and the consequences of getting it wrong
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